Using our iPads

How to use my iPad

At School
Enjoy using it to improve your learning.
Explore how to use apps given to you.
Use the blog to find tasks to complete.
Don’t download apps without permission.
Know where it is at all times and take care when moving it from one space to another.
Be Cybersmart and follow the student agreement for use.
Put it on charge at the end of the day.
Be a smart user and take a ‘few risks’ with your work.
Follow instructions on what is expected of you when using it.
Only use school apps at school unless told otherwise.
Ask permission before taking videos or photos of others.

At Home
Don’t download apps without permission.
Never give your personal details to anyone.
Always have it in a closed bag when taking it to and from school.
If you go to after care give it to Anne or Caitlyn when you get there.
Take good care of the iPad. Keep it in a safe place.
Always share the work you have completed at school with your parents.
Visit the blog to find your homework.
Be Cybersmart.
Bring it to school fully charged.
Ask permission to take photos of someone.
Ask your parents permission to use your iPad to do things that are not school related.
Use your reading diary.

# Prepared by the Newlands Techknows in Grade 3/4




FUSE is a repository for students to access great learning resources, including websites, images, audio and videos, at school and at home.

Whilst at school, the network the students access the web through has filters attached.

We recommend that students ‘surfing’ the net at home use the FUSE website becasue it has the same filters used at school. There are also some fun things to explore.

Using Educreations app

Today we learnt about place value. We made numbers using MAB blocks, took photos of them and then put the photos into the Educreations app. We then had to explain the number using the photos and audio. The most exciting part was sharing what we had done with the whole class by mirroring it onto our interactive board. The lesson completed with a task where we had to show what we had learnt in our maths books.  

Use of Technology in Grade 3/4

Newlands Primary School uses the internet as a teaching and learning tool. We see the internet and mobile technology as valuable resources, but acknowledge they must be used responsibly.

Grade 3/4 have been completing many activities this week which are designed to prepare them for the full implementation of iPads into their classroom which is planned for next term.

We participated in the Safer Internet 2013 online presentation. This meant that we joined over 22 000 students across Victoria in this activity.

Parents and carers can access the information we learnt on the below website to learn more.

All students in Grades 3/4 have been given a Cyber-safety agreement. All aspects included in the document have been discussed in class and parents have been asked to also sign the document to show that they are aware of our school guidelines and that they have discussed them with their child.

1-1 iPad program

You may find the following interesting:

‘It’s one of the most compelling school-change interventions we have seen in decades, but it isn’t about 1-to-1 devices – it’s about what students do when they have full-time access to powerful tools, the same tools found in offices and on the desks of professionals in all fields.’ … and yes, above all there is growing evidence that 1-to-1 programs offer teachers a unique pedagogical medium for enhancing learning within their classrooms. Though much harder to articulate or define than the previous drivers, this is potentially the most powerful. In mathematics in can be a bridge from the concrete to the abstract, particularly through the use of simulations; it can scaffold learning such that complex ideas are made more accessible, it can offer students a medium for communication and collaboration that had previously not been thought possible. The goal of technology is not just to enable access to information, but tocollaborate with others in creating something new and useful.

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