Homework Term 2 Week 3

This week you are going to collect data and then make statements using the data you have collected.
Your data is to be about how many peas your family and friends can move in one minute and how quickly they can move 20 peas.
You can present your work in any way you choose.
Make it interesting and informative.


Week 8 Homework

This week your homework task is to find two recipes that your family uses to make healthy meals.
It could be two main meals, snacks or desserts.
We will be making your recipes into a class book. Everyone will be able to get a copy of the book.




Homework week 7 term 1

Your homework for this week I’d divided into 2 areas

1. Complete your Premiers’ Reading Challenge permission note and bring it to school signed by a parent.
Read a book you have borrowed from the school library.

2. Devise a healthy weekend plan for a friend who as been living an unhealthy lifestyle.
This is an activity to make you think about what you do, not tell someone else directly what they
should do. There is an activity sheet to compete this task on.


Homework week 6 term 1

Your homework task for this week is to complete a report about our excursion to the art gallery. I will post photos onto the blog that you can use.
Your report should be at least 3 paragraphs long.
It can be written in your homework book or completed on an app of your choice on an iPad.

Homework week 5 term 1

This week your task is to write a letter to David Walliams telling him why you have enjoyed reading Gangsta Granny.
We will be mailing your letters to David so it is to written as a hard copy. Do a draft of your letter and have an adult help you proof read it before doing your good copy. Please see me if you need paper to write your letter on.


Homework week 4 term 1

This week you will need to read for at least 15 minutes twice before Friday. You can read anything you choose.
You can then choose to complete one or both of the activities below.
The first activity is a reading comprehension task and the second activity is an alphabet ordering task.

Our new class email is:
You can ask a parent to email your homework to me using this address if you choose to do your homework on a home device.




Week 2 term 1 homework

This week we are looking at the food pyramid.
You know know what is in each group and how much is recommended for us to have each day from each group.
Use the graphic organiser to show the types of food you have at home that are from the 5 food groups.
If you have your own iPad you can present your work using one of the apps you have on your iPad.