Homework term 2 week 11

UNICEF Challenge.

BY  using Mathletics this week you can earn points. The points that you earn from activities completed will equate to a UNICEF donation to those less privileged at the end of the week. The more points you  earn, the greater the value of the donation we will purchase on your school’s behalf.

Howe many points can you earn?


Homework Term 2 Week 6 Grade 3

This week you are to complete 50 points worth of activities using the chart below. Your spelling words are uploaded to your Stile account.

Spelling Rubric

These are your spelling activities, which will guide you in completing your weekly spelling practice activities to prepare for your test. Your spelling words will be added to Stile Education. All activities must be completed and submitted together to Stile by Friday.


You need to activities worth up to 40 points


5 Point Activities

_____1. Alphabetize the words.

_____2. Divide each word into syllables.

_____3. Write each word and cross out any silent letters.


10 Point Activities

_____4. Use each word in a sentence and underline the spelling word.

_____5. Write the words and a synonym for each word.

_____6. Scramble the words and then write the correct spelling next to each scramble.


15 Point Activities

_____7. Cut the words out of a magazine/newspaper and make a collage of your words.

_____8. Draw a picture and “hide” each spelling word in your artwork.


20 Point Activities

_____9. Use the words in similes. (ex.He was as quiet as a mouse).

_____10. Write a definition for each word.

_____11. Write a story using the words and underline each spelling word.

_____12. Write newspaper headlines using the words.

Homework Term 2 Week 6 Grade 4

Your homework this week is to learn your 7 spelling words (these can be found on Stile if you don’t remember them).

You need to find as many other words as you can that follow the same spelling pattern as your words for this week.

Practice your spelling pattern on spellodrome at home on a PC (your login is the same as for mathletics)

Finally, write a short story which includes your 7 spelling words for this week. 9517393-Wise-owl-wearing-a-square-academic-cap-and-glasses-Stock-Vector

Homework Term 2 Week 5 Grade 4

9517393-Wise-owl-wearing-a-square-academic-cap-and-glasses-Stock-VectorYour homework for this week is to learn your spelling words (you will have written these down, but they are also on Stile for your reference)

Write a short story on any topic of your choosing which uses your spelling words for this week.

If you are in Azul or Amarillo, you need to write out as many words as you can find which include this spelling pattern (-kn or –ee and –ea).

The rest of your homework for this week is to read one of the books from the library on readingeggs and answer the chapter quizzes.


Homework Week 4 Term 1

Brainstorm with your parents and make a list of all the different types of volunteer groups that are in your community. eg senior community groups, SES, Rural Fire Service. Choose one of these groups to research what they do for the community.

Use this link to help you find community groups.



Present your findings about three of the groups that you discussed with your family on a poster(coverpaper is available in the classroom for you to take home to use) or using Bookcreator on your iPad.

Your work is due at school on Friday 20th February

Term 4 week 7 Homework


This week your homework task is to create a new front cover and blurb for the book, Awful Auntie.

Be creative and ensure that your cover reflects the text.
Include the author and illustrator.
Your work is to be completed a a piece of cardboard but ensure that you complete a rough draft before beginning your good copy.

Homework week 6 term 4

This week you are to choose one or more of the following science experiments to complete with your family.
Write your report on what you did as a scientific report.
Equipment used




A Hot Freeze (Freezing)

Questions: Which freezes faster? Hot water or cold water? What is your prediction and why?
Place two containers in the freezer: one full of hot water & one full of cold water. Measure the rates of temperature change & note which freezes faster: hot water or cold water.
Are you able to explain why hot water freezes faster than cold water in the freezer?

Dancing Raisins (Gases – Molecules)
Fill a clear glasses container with gingerale. Now drop about 8 raisins into the container. The raisins will then dance before your eyes! Why does this occur you may ask? Well, gas finds itself the spaces between molecules. The gas adheres to the raisins. The adhered gas acts likes a life jacket and makes the raisins float to the surface. When the gas bubbles burst(!) the raisins sink once again.

The Vanishing (Chemical Change)
Place a raw egg in a glass jar. Pour vinegar over the egg until it is completely covered. Watch the changes over the next couple of days! A chemical reaction occurs between the egg and vinegar immediately: gas bubbles (carbon dioxide) appear all over the egg.  Over time another reaction occurs: the egg shell dissolves leaving only a think membrane behind.