In Flanders Fields

‘In Flanders Fields’ is a very famous poem written in May, 1915
It is a poem written by a man called John McCrae who fought in World War 1 (1914-1918).
John McCrae was a Canadian Major.
It is thought that McCrae wrote the poem after a friend of his, Lieutenant Alexis Helmer, was killed in battle by German artillery.
It is synonymous with Veterans Day/Remembrance Day.
Flanders Fields are in Southern Belgium and North-West France.
Poppies were everywhere on the battlefields of WWI which is why they are so prominent in remembering that war and subsequently became a symbol of remembrance for all wars.


Identifying an authors purpose

Students to select their own text from the books in the classroom or from the internet. They must answer the following questions in their writing books:
• What was the author’s purpose in writing this text?
• Why did the author write this article?
• Write a statement which best describes what the author thinks.
• What kind of article did the author write?
• What response does the author want from the reader?
• Is the purpose of the text explicitly written by the author or is it inferred?
• What text features are used by the author which demonstrate the purpose of the text?
• How well did the text achieve its purpose.

Gough Whitlam

Interesting facts about Gough Whitlam

  • only Prime Minister to grow up in the national capital
  • dubbed ‘the young brolga’ when he entered parliament, for his height (194cm) and imperious bearing
  • one of only two Prime Ministers whose lifetime spanned the lives of all 25 Prime Ministers in Australia’s first century (John Gorton was the other)
  • was on active service in World War II as a RAAF navigator, despite suffering badly from airsickness
  • only Prime Minister dismissed from office
  • the Whitlam government introduced a record number of Bills, and a record number were enacted, though the Senate rejected 93 Bills, more than the total number rejected during the previous 71 years of the parliament
  • Whitlam is Australia’s longest-lived Prime Minister
  • the Whitlam Institute was developed within the University of Western Sydney in 2000

gough whitlam

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