Camp wrap up

Camp is over for another year.

How do you measure a good camp? Is it by all the experiences the children have that they would not be able to get during a normal day at school? Is it by how much sleep the teachers get? Is it by how proud the parents feel of their child for being independent enough to cope without them for three day? Is it by the excellence of the camp venue they attend? Is it by the organisation of staff attending?

The answer is yes to all of the above. Our 2015 camp to Campaspe Downs has been an amazing experiences for all those who attended. Yes the food was different to what we normally eat and some of us did misplace some of our clothing,which most likely ended up in a friend’s suitcase but these things do not distract from what is really important about camp. Having fun, experiencing new things and becoming more independent.

I would like to thank Graeme for his outstanding organisation and Mulynda, Angela and Caitlyn for the effort they put in to ensure our camp was a success.

Sonya O’Brien