Homework Term 2 Week 6 Grade 3

This week you are to complete 50 points worth of activities using the chart below. Your spelling words are uploaded to your Stile account.

Spelling Rubric

These are your spelling activities, which will guide you in completing your weekly spelling practice activities to prepare for your test. Your spelling words will be added to Stile Education. All activities must be completed and submitted together to Stile by Friday.


You need to activities worth up to 40 points


5 Point Activities

_____1. Alphabetize the words.

_____2. Divide each word into syllables.

_____3. Write each word and cross out any silent letters.


10 Point Activities

_____4. Use each word in a sentence and underline the spelling word.

_____5. Write the words and a synonym for each word.

_____6. Scramble the words and then write the correct spelling next to each scramble.


15 Point Activities

_____7. Cut the words out of a magazine/newspaper and make a collage of your words.

_____8. Draw a picture and “hide” each spelling word in your artwork.


20 Point Activities

_____9. Use the words in similes. (ex.He was as quiet as a mouse).

_____10. Write a definition for each word.

_____11. Write a story using the words and underline each spelling word.

_____12. Write newspaper headlines using the words.

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