Éste es un chico/ésta es una chica

Hola Chicos! Today we’re going to begin a story about ourselves in Spanish.

We will be using the document we looked at in class today as a guide:


First, open up a new book ibook in bookmaker.

If your character is a boy, your front page will say: Éste es un chico (with a photo of you or the character you have chosen)

page 1)Este chico se llama (name).

page 2)(Name) es un estudiante de Newlands Primary school.

page 3)(Name) es muy inteligente/talentoso/absurdo/mysterioso/interesante-atlético.

If your character is a girl, your front page will say:


Ésta es un chica (with a photo of you or the character you have chosen)

page 1)Esta chica se llama (name).

page 2)(name) es una estudiante de Newlands Primary school.

page 3)(name) es muy inteligente/talentosa/absurda/mysteriosa/interesante/atlética.

Buenas suerte and I look forward to reading them!

(A few days later) …….. Today, mis chicos, we’re going to add on to our stories. We’re going to use the vocabulary we learned the other day about where we’re from to to include in our stories our characters’ nationality and where they’re from:

You can use the following link to find out your nationality in Spanish:


You can use these slides as examples:







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