Homework week 6 term 4

This week you are to choose one or more of the following science experiments to complete with your family.
Write your report on what you did as a scientific report.
Equipment used




A Hot Freeze (Freezing)

Questions: Which freezes faster? Hot water or cold water? What is your prediction and why?
Place two containers in the freezer: one full of hot water & one full of cold water. Measure the rates of temperature change & note which freezes faster: hot water or cold water.
Are you able to explain why hot water freezes faster than cold water in the freezer?

Dancing Raisins (Gases – Molecules)
Fill a clear glasses container with gingerale. Now drop about 8 raisins into the container. The raisins will then dance before your eyes! Why does this occur you may ask? Well, gas finds itself the spaces between molecules. The gas adheres to the raisins. The adhered gas acts likes a life jacket and makes the raisins float to the surface. When the gas bubbles burst(!) the raisins sink once again.

The Vanishing (Chemical Change)
Place a raw egg in a glass jar. Pour vinegar over the egg until it is completely covered. Watch the changes over the next couple of days! A chemical reaction occurs between the egg and vinegar immediately: gas bubbles (carbon dioxide) appear all over the egg.  Over time another reaction occurs: the egg shell dissolves leaving only a think membrane behind.

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