Gough Whitlam

Interesting facts about Gough Whitlam

  • only Prime Minister to grow up in the national capital
  • dubbed ‘the young brolga’ when he entered parliament, for his height (194cm) and imperious bearing
  • one of only two Prime Ministers whose lifetime spanned the lives of all 25 Prime Ministers in Australia’s first century (John Gorton was the other)
  • was on active service in World War II as a RAAF navigator, despite suffering badly from airsickness
  • only Prime Minister dismissed from office
  • the Whitlam government introduced a record number of Bills, and a record number were enacted, though the Senate rejected 93 Bills, more than the total number rejected during the previous 71 years of the parliament
  • Whitlam is Australia’s longest-lived Prime Minister
  • the Whitlam Institute was developed within the University of Western Sydney in 2000

gough whitlam

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