Point Nepean National Park





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Point Nepean

Point Nepean is truly one of Victoria’s beautiful natural landscapes.

It is 90 kms from Melbourne. The park is located at the very tip of the Mornington Peninsula.

Evidence of Australian Aboriginal settlement of the area dates back 40,000 years.

Parts of Point Nepean were declared as a national park in 1988.

It has a rich history and played an important role in shaping the early settlement, quarantine and defence of Victoria.

Limestone was mined from the coastal cliffs from the early days of British settlement and two lime kilns were built around 1840

The park is open every day.

You can explore the military forts and tunnels, discover the historic Quarantine Station.

On Tuesday 5th August 1914 , a remarkable and defining moment in our nation’s history occurred when the first shot iin WW1 occurred.