Garden ideas

NPS Garden Ideas

We would like to focus on rejuvenating another piece of the school over the next few years, by turning the grassy area outside the prep/1/2 classrooms into an outdoor imaginative play space.

We would like to know what the school community would like to see done in this area.

These questions can be used as a guide and in any way that suits.

What fruit trees would you like in the orchard?

What sort of play equipment would you like in this area?

Would you like more places to sit?

Would you like more places to play?

What sort of plants would you like?

Are there any other ideas about the space that you would like to see happen?

Put your ideas on this padlet.


One thought on “Garden ideas

  1. Hi.
    I am Jasmyn, one of Mr O’Brien’s students.
    Your school seems like a great place!
    By the way, Mr O’Brien showed you the pictures of big Jim’s adventure with me right??

    See ya! From Jasmyn

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