Homework Term 2 Week 3

This week you are going to collect data and then make statements using the data you have collected.
Your data is to be about how many peas your family and friends can move in one minute and how quickly they can move 20 peas.
You can present your work in any way you choose.
Make it interesting and informative.


Prison Hulks

In the 1700’s the British Parliament authorized the use of old ships as prisons for a temporary period of two years. The first hulks, with their masts were cut off, were anchored close together along the banks of the Thames at Woolwich where convict labour was needed in the development of the docks and in the protection of the riverbank from erosion.
During the day, the convicts were ferried out to work on hard labour, ten hours a day in summer, seven in winter. At night they were chained to their bunks to prevent them from escaping ashore.
Conditions in prisons might have been bad, but the hulks were worse. Large numbers of prisoners died because of the insanitary conditions and the use of water for all purposes from the polluted Thames.