Thursday 29th May

Today you will need to do the following activities.
1 Learn about a historical narrative and then write one of your own.
This activity is in the First Fleet subject on Stile.
2. Exploring congruent shapes.
Read the information on the blog and then create your own presentation on Explain Everything to show what a congruent shape is.
3. Times tables revision.
Complete the activities you will find on the Times Tables entry on he blog.
4. Continue to explore Explore Palindromic numbers.
How many more can you find?
Inquiry Learning
1. Continue to work on your A-Z of Ancient Egypt.
Links can be found at:
2. Children in Ancient Egypt
Read the information on this link.
Play a game of Mehan. Game is available on table near classroom window.
The Ancient Egyptian Board Game Mehan, or Snake
Mehan was a popular game for the lower classes because the game board could be drawn or carved into any surface, including a dirt floor. Wealthier Egyptians had game tables made on a pedestal, resembling a mushroom. A snake is coiled around the board and players start at the tail. The body of the snake is split into squares; a typical snake had about 60 squares to push through. The object is to be the first to move your piece from the tail to the snake’s head. Up to six players used lions and lionesses and ball pieces to maneuver around the board.

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