3 thoughts on “The Nile River

  1. Hi mrs O’brien,
    Hi I’m lilli. I’m in mr
    o’brien’s grade you and your class are having lots of fun! have a good day

    from lilli

  2. Hi Mrs.O’Brien,

    I am just a visitor from Mr.O’Brien’s class. You look like you are having fun, just like us! We’ve actually been making our own news broadcasts in groups with our classmates.I like your displays of the Nile River.I’ve never seen it before, do you know where it is? I’d like to see it sometime.

    Well bye Alyssa from 4J 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Hi Sonya,

    I’m Rebekah from Mr. O’Brien’s class. The integrated unit you are working on looks rather exciting! I hope you all have a good term break.


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