Life along the River Nile

No one cared how big you built your home in ancient Egypt. It was up to you. Homes were built with bricks made of mud and straw. The ancient Egyptians invented molds to make bricks. That let them make many bricks at one time, and dry them out in the sun. Bricks were not baked in an oven.

The nobles lived in huge homes along the Nile River. They painted their homes white because it kept their home cooler. Some of these huge homes had as many as 30 rooms. Each room had a function. Many were store rooms. They had guest rooms, and kids rooms, and bathrooms! (No running water, though.) A few homes were built with stone. But most were built of sun dried brick. That was the building material most readily available.

Homes had front and back doors. Each door was built about 4 feet off the ground to reduce the amount of sand that worked itself inside the house. You reached the door via a ramp. Ramps, rather than stairs, were used to reach various levels in the house.

The common people also had nice homes, especially in the country, where they had more room to build. They were not as luxurious as the homes of the nobles, and certainly not as big, but each family had their own home. Their homes were also built with sun dried bricks. A series of ramps led from one floor to the next. The flat roof was the center of family life. Meals were prepared on the roof. People often slept on mats on their roof tops to catch the evening breeze.



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