There are 7 bottle caps. 88 bottle caps more are added. How many are there total?
Annie starts with 4 crayons. Matthew gives Annie 36 more. How many crayons does Annie end with?
Jeremy has 37 bottle caps. Antonio has 9 bottle caps. If Antonio gives all of his bottle caps to Jeremy, how many bottle caps will Jeremy have?
If there are 2 bottle caps in a box and Victor puts 11 more bottle caps inside, how many bottle caps are in the box?
Angela has 11 tickets. Annie gives Angela 4 more. How many tickets does Angela have in all?
Andrea collects 73 Skittles. Andrea’s father gives Andrea 26 more. How many Skittles does Andrea have?
Joshua has 62 cards. Christina has 64 cards. If Christina gives all of her cards to Joshua, how many cards will Joshua have?
If there are 66 pencils in a box and Bridget puts 44 more pencils inside, how many pencils are in the box?
Harold has 53 marbles. He gets 16 more from Steve. How many marbles does Harold have in all?
If there are 79 blocks in a box and Christine puts 15 more blocks inside, how many blocks are in the box?

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