Our Brave Ancestors

Rohan: My great grandfather drove trucks in WW2.
Nicholas: My great great great uncle was in WW1. He was gassed in the trenches on the Western
Front. He fought on the Somme. He survived to come home but was very sick from the gas.
Pascal: My great grandfather was in WW1. He survived and came home to his family.
Isaac: My great great grandfather, Henry Mottram fought in WW1. He served in the 5th Battalion on the Western Front. He was killed in Belgium in 1917. My great grandfather Harold Mottram served in the 7th battalion in WW2. He drove trucks in the Northern Territory and Papua New Guinea.
Claire: my great grandfather was in WW2. He was defending the tropics in Queensland. My other great grandfather was also in WW2. He was posted to Papua New Guinea. He was a sergeant trying to stop the Japanese from coming to Australia.
Ruby: On my dad’s side my great grand dad worked on a submarine. He had to do a test where he went into a small room and there was a tube which went up that he swim through after it was filled with water. My mum’s grandfather was a mechanic fighting for the allies.
Merri: My grandfather, David Higgins joined the army when he was 18. He served in Vietnam from 1971 to 1973. He once found an unexplored bomb in his truck. His camp was sprayed with agent orange, a chemical to remove vegetation. He died from cancer.
Amelia: My great great uncle fought in WW2. He was in the navy and was in Sydney when they found the mini Japanese submarine.
Zane: My great grandfather, Robert Purdy served and fought inWW2. He flew bomber planes taking photographs over enemy lines to find good places to bomb and attack.
Sonya: My great grandfather, Joseph OBrien fought in Gallipoli. After leaving Gallipoli he was sent to the Western Front. He was shot in the leg in Poziers and returned home in 1917.
Erin: My great grandfather was an ace pilot in WW2. His name was Bevan Mason Hall and he was from New Zealand. His plane was shot down over Europe and he was killed.