What is a Narrative?

Narrative writing tells a story or part of one.

The story is told in time order.

The clue words for narrative prompts are:

Tell about a time…

Tell the story…

Tell about when…

Remember: A narrative means telling a story.

 Parts of a narrative:

Beginning or Introduction– This is a sentence that tells your reader what you are writing about. Be sure to include one or two important words from the prompt.

•Middle – The middle is where you write details that go together and details that create “mind movies” for your reader. The middle should be orderly and organized. Be sure to include interesting facts, examples, reasons, mini stories, and descriptions that help your reader picture what you are writing about. It is a good idea to start a new paragraph when you change ideas or move on to a different time or location.

•Ending or Conclusion– This is a sentence or two that wraps up your paper by telling your reader the most important thing you want to say.