Facts about the Egyptian Pyramids

Ancient Egyptian pyramids are the most well known pyramid structures.

Most Ancient Egyptian pyramids were built as tombs for Pharaohs and their families.

Over 130 pyramids have been discovered in Egypt.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest and largest of three pyramids in Giza.

Also known as the Pyramid of Khufu, it is the oldest of the Ancient Wonders of the World and the last one still largely intact.

For over 3800 years, the Great Pyramid of Giza was the tallest man made structure in the world.

Nearly all Egyptian Pyramids are located on the west bank of the Nile.

Egyptian Pyramids often contain multiple chambers and passages.

Bodies placed in the tombs were preserved by mummification.

Tomb robbers targeted many of the royal tombs and most were eventually robbed.

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