Using our mathematical knowledge to slove problems.

Question 1

John earned 900 dollars in 3 months. He earned the same

amount each month. How much money did he earn per month?


Question 2

An elephant has 4 legs.

How many legs do 212 elephants have?

An elephant has ___ legs.

How many legs do ___ elephants have?


Question 3

I earned 400 dollars last month.

This month I earned twice that amount.

How much did I earn this month?

Question 4

I can pick 50 apples in 1 day.

How many apples can I pick in 5 days?


Question 5

There are 250 cows in a field. Each cow has 4 legs.

How many legs do the 250 cows have altogether?


Question 6

I spend 30 dollars per month on lunches.

How much do I spend on lunches per year?

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