Keys to Friendship


Keys To A Good Friendship

Remember the Golden Rule – treat others the way you would like to be treated. If you respect others, others will respect you.
Realize that nobody’s perfect, everybody has quirks and flaws, and accepting each other’s flaws is key to a good friendship.
Value each other’s opinions.
Communication is really important, your friend can’t read your mind, if something is affecting your friendship, tell him/her.
Learn from each other.
Choose your words wisely, because you can never take them back.


Wind Energy

Wind Energy

A wind turbine is made up of two or three propeller-like blades called the rotor. The rotor is attached to the top of a tall tower. As the wind blows it spins the rotor. As the rotor spins the energy of the movement of the propellers gives power to a generator. There are some magnets and a lot of copper wire inside the generator that make electricity.

Winds are stronger higher up off the ground, so wind turbine towers are about 30 metres tall to allow the rotor to catch more wind energy. The turbines are built with a device that turns the rotor so that it always faces into the wind. Just one wind turbine can generate enough electricity for a single house, or the electrical energy to pump water, or to power a mill which grinds grain. The electrical energy can also be stored in batteries.

Wind farms
Wind farms are places where many wind turbines are clustered together. They are built in places where it is nearly always windy. The electricity that is generated at a wind farm is sold to electricity companies that provide the electricity to people living in cities and towns.

What are the advantages of wind turbines?
They are pollution free.
The energy they generate is renewable. This means that as long as the winds blow there is power to turn the blades of the rotor. (Another form of renewable energy comes from the Sun. Energy from the Sun is called solar energy)
Using wind energy means that less fossil fuel (coal and oil) needs to be burned to make electricity. Burning fossil fuel pollutes the atmosphere and adds greenhouse gases to it. This pollution is a cause of global warming.

What are the disadvantages of wind turbines?
Some people don’t like the look of the turbines. They say that they spoil the look of the natural environment.
Wind turbines make some noise.
Turbines kill birds that fly into them. However collisions are rare and there are reports from Denmark saying that some falcons had built nests on the top of turbine towers. To protect birds however, it is important that wind farms be built away from bird sanctuaries and from the pathways of migratory birds. (Migratory birds are those that fly from cold places in winter to warmer parts of the world)


Working with money

Kim gives $7.15 to Erin. If Kim started with $27.00, how much money does she have left?

After buying some Skittles for $68.00, Harry has $50.74 left. How much money did Harry have to begin with?

Oscar has $52.00 and Sam has $39.26. How much money do they have together?

After buying some bottle caps for $14.00, Merri has $4.61 left. How much money did Merri have to begin with?

Jayden starts with $7.09 and spends $6.00 on bananas. How much money does Jayden have left?
After buying some blocks for $20.85, Nandita has $8.17 left. How much money did Nandita have to begin with?

Lila has $54.45 and Rohan has $43.65. How much money do they have together?

After buying some oranges for $87.05, Layla has $7.34 left. How much money did Layla have to begin with?

Ollie has $90.00 and Tilly has $55.95. How much more does Ollie have than Tilly?

Duncan has $80.00 and Jason has $29.65. How much more does Duncan have than Jason?


Information on money in East Timor sent through by Andy (Sam’s dad)
Adding money – this is one of my favourite topics as I am an accountant. So adding money is my job!
Over here in East Timor money is an interesting topic. They don’t have their own currency like we do in Australia – Australian dollars. They use the US dollar and the same notes as they use in the USA. Some other countries also do this.

East Timor is one of the few countries that use US dollar notes, but not US coins. The coins here are called centavos, instead of cents. One hundred centavos equal 1 dollar so they work the same as cents. But what’s interesting is that last month a new centavo coin was introduced. Its 100 centavos so its worth the same amount as the US 1 dollar notes. The 100 centavo coins and the US 1 dollar notes are both used now.
I think its the only place in the world where this has happened.
The new coin was introduced because the US 1 dollar notes get worn and dirty very quickly. Some of them are quite disgusting. I’m glad they’ve brought in the new coins.


Practice Contractions

A contraction is a way to put two words together. Some letters will be left out and an apostrophe will replace them.


 isn’t we’ll




What words were put together to create these words?

Make a list of contractions you have used and the two words used to create the word.

Why do you use an apostrophe in these words?

Measuring using formal units

Today we explored measurement.
We used measuring tapes to measure the heigh, circumference and diameter of cans.
We then calculated how many cans high we are. We had to use our knowledge of decimals to show our height as meters and centimetres. Rohan is 1.38 m tall.
Our next task was to calculate how tall a tower using all our 36 cans would be.
Watch this space to see what happens next to the cans.