Collecting data

What is a data set? A collection of information often shown in a table format.

We are looking at data sets in the AFL and making comparisons.

What kind of information would the AFL record in data sets?

Use the AFL website:

The ladder:

example of statistics:

Use team websites, which are shown at the top of the page, click on the logo and look for the statistics tab or ‘stats’

When making comparisons, you need to be sure that your language makes sense and that you have provided all the relevant information. Use full sentences.

Here is an example:

How many total kicks did Brendon Goddard of Essendon kick in comparison to Andrew Mackie of Geelong?

Brendon Goddard kicked 347 kicks this season, one less kick than Andrew Mackie, who kicked 348 in total.

Try these:

1. How many games did North Melbourne lose this season in comparison to Richmond? Put your answer in a sentence.

2. What is interesting about how many total games Freemantle player Nathan Fyfe made in comparison to Hamish Hartlett of Port Power? Put your answer in a sentence.

Create your own comparisons using the websites provided and show your findings in Educreations



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