Information Reports

This week we have been writing information reports, concentrating on the correct use of paragraphs in our work.
We wrote a report on how we use our class blog.
Here are some of the comments we made.
I like using the blog because it’s really interactive and you can send comments.Tai
At home the blog is used to help us with our homework. If we don’t go to school then we can look at the blog and do our work from home. The links Sonya puts on it helps us with our work. Nandita
At home we use our our blog for a lot of things. Firstly we use the blog to check up on our homework. Secondly, we use it to check up on unfinished work. Finally, we use it to message Sonya.
I think it is a pretty good idea for our class. Don’t you? Hamish
We use the blog at home to find our homework for the week. We also use it at home to show our families what we have been doing at school. Lila
Our class blog is very useful. It is kind of like a class diary. Sonya had the idea and we all chose the name. Ruby
When we use our class blog at school we normally have a set task. Sonya puts the information we need to know and any links which may help us with our work. Aidan
I like using the blog. It is cool. Sonya puts our work on there so we know what to do. It’s great for helping us with our learning. Ollie
The class blog is good for parents. They can see what Sonya has taught us. Darren
Our class. Blog is a record of what we have done and what we will be doing. We often find links for the next task we are going to do. Marcus
Our class blog is practically an online assignment book to find tasks and resources to help us do the task. Duncan
Our class blog is so useful and it helps us so much. Plus we can access it whenever we like both at school and at home. Nicholas
At school, Sonya puts most of our work on the blog. Then she just mirrors it using Apple TV on the big screen. It is a great way for Sonya to share what we are doing. If we get stuck we can just go onto the blog and use the information there to help us. Grace
The blog is a great way to share what has been happening at school with my family. It is also good because it helps with home activities and homework. Erin


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