Homework Week 8 Term 3

Parliament House
On Saturday the Federal Election is being held.
All those who win their seat in either the House of Representives of Senate will travel to Canberra and undertake their official duties at Parliament House.
Follow the link to a B.T.N. report on Parliament House.
Make a list of at least 10 facts that you learnt from the report.


Directional Language

Make a list of words you could use when you are telling someone how to get from one p,ace to another.
Make a list of 5 places you would like to visit in Melbourne. Your list could include Luna Park, Puffing Billy, The State Library or the MCG.
Go to Google maps using the link below and locate the places on your list.
Using the information you find give directions on how to get there from school.

Click on allow location when you open he link.