Passion Projects

Passion projects allow us all to use the skills we are learning using our iPads to research and then present our findings on a topic of our own choice.
Everyone has chosen their own topic and we are all looking forward to completing our work and sharing it with others.
We have an assessment rubic which we can use to make sure that we have done all the things that we need to do.
Here are the topics we have chosen.

Ornette – Hot Wheels Cars
Rohan – Ancient Rome
Oscar- History of the Magnetic Island Army Base
Sophia- Mars- not the bars but the planet
Pascal- Dinosaurs
Merri – Big Cats without blue and white stripes and no Reiwolts either
Joe – Scottish Cookery
Isaac- The History of Soccer
Mohammed- What are video games?
Marcus- What survived the extinction of the dinosaurs?
Lila – The History of the Melbourne Zoo
Grace – What is Karate?
Erin- The History of New Zealand
Khalid- Why is Michael Jordan so famous?
Darren- facts about tigers.
Sam- What living were there at the time of the dinosaurs?
Jason- What is a crop circle?
Tom- What is a tessellation?
Ruby- What is so amazing about Australian mammals?
Nicholas- What animals lived during the Ice Age?
Ollie -The History of Skating.
Duncan- Ancient Greece.
Hamish- How does the Human Body work?
Tai- What happened in WW2?
Cydnii – The History of Telephones