Quotation Marks

Quotation Marks “ ’’

Quotation marks come in pairs. You need one set of quotation marks at the

beginning of the title, dialogue or quote and you need one at the end.

Quotation marks surround dialogue/conversation:

“I had a fantastic time at the zoo,” Jill said.

Joe said, “I got an A on my math test!”

Jill complained, “I’m hungry!”

Quotation marks surround some titles./p>

One of my favorite movies is ‘The Ant Bully.’

My brother really likes Fred Penner’s song ‘Cat Came Back.’

OR “The Ant Bully.”

Punctuate the following sentences and write them in your writing book.

1. Tom said Kim wants to play inside, not outside.

2. Have you seen the movie The Ant Bullie?

3. Which store do you want to go to? asked Marcus.

4. Where will you go? she asked.

5. Didn’t she say Your poetry assignment is due Monday. asked Joe.

6. Finish your chores or forget your allowance! his mother yelled.

7. I have too much homework and don’t have time to finish my chores! Lila responded.

8. I wish I knew who my teacher was going to be for next year. Erin said.

9. Do you realize how good those cookies smell? Mohammed remarked.

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