It’s a Book

Like you, I like reading books.
Have you ever really thought about what a book is?


What is a book?
A book is something that engages you to do stuff. A book is something that has writing that you can read. A book is something that is funny or has horror or facts.
A book is for sharing and some are precious. A book can be fiction or non-fiction. A book sometimes has images and writing or it can have only one of these things. A book is not for emailing, eating or flying or smashing onto the ground.
A book is imagining and visualising. A book can be used to learn new things and make your brain work.

What is a book?
A book is something that you read,Books are something to enjoy.
Crazy books, bad books and happy books.
There are two types of books. They are non- fiction and fiction. Non- fiction means that they have true facts in them. Fiction means that it is made up.
An author writes books. They put a lot of effort into the books that they write. They write books for us to enjoy. It takes a long time to write a book. I am an author. I write books that I publish into my iBook library.
A book is for sharing or you can just give it to someone. You can then talk about it with somebody else.