Editors read completed texts to check for any errors which need to be corrected before publishing.
Today you are to be editors. You need to do the following:

Check your punctuation.
Check your spelling.
Check your work to see if you have used paragraphs in our work.
Check that what you have written makes sense when you are reading it.

After you have edited your own work ask a classmate to edit it with you. It is easy to miss errors in your own work and it is good to get another opinion on changes you can make to improve your text.

Stories from the past

This week we have been looking at images from the past and trying to work out what was happening when they were taken.
We have now chosen one image from the selection given and are now writing narratives which tell the story behind the picture.
Sonya was able to tell us the story behind the below images because they are from her grandmothers photo album.
Please send us any family images you would like to share and we will put them on our blog.