Passion Projects

Passion projects allow us all to use the skills we are learning using our iPads to research and then present our findings on a topic of our own choice.
Everyone has chosen their own topic and we are all looking forward to completing our work and sharing it with others.
We have an assessment rubic which we can use to make sure that we have done all the things that we need to do.
Here are the topics we have chosen.

Ornette – Hot Wheels Cars
Rohan – Ancient Rome
Oscar- History of the Magnetic Island Army Base
Sophia- Mars- not the bars but the planet
Pascal- Dinosaurs
Merri – Big Cats without blue and white stripes and no Reiwolts either
Joe – Scottish Cookery
Isaac- The History of Soccer
Mohammed- What are video games?
Marcus- What survived the extinction of the dinosaurs?
Lila – The History of the Melbourne Zoo
Grace – What is Karate?
Erin- The History of New Zealand
Khalid- Why is Michael Jordan so famous?
Darren- facts about tigers.
Sam- What living were there at the time of the dinosaurs?
Jason- What is a crop circle?
Tom- What is a tessellation?
Ruby- What is so amazing about Australian mammals?
Nicholas- What animals lived during the Ice Age?
Ollie -The History of Skating.
Duncan- Ancient Greece.
Hamish- How does the Human Body work?
Tai- What happened in WW2?
Cydnii – The History of Telephones




Quotation Marks

Quotation Marks “ ’’

Quotation marks come in pairs. You need one set of quotation marks at the

beginning of the title, dialogue or quote and you need one at the end.

Quotation marks surround dialogue/conversation:

“I had a fantastic time at the zoo,” Jill said.

Joe said, “I got an A on my math test!”

Jill complained, “I’m hungry!”

Quotation marks surround some titles./p>

One of my favorite movies is ‘The Ant Bully.’

My brother really likes Fred Penner’s song ‘Cat Came Back.’

OR “The Ant Bully.”

Punctuate the following sentences and write them in your writing book.

1. Tom said Kim wants to play inside, not outside.

2. Have you seen the movie The Ant Bullie?

3. Which store do you want to go to? asked Marcus.

4. Where will you go? she asked.

5. Didn’t she say Your poetry assignment is due Monday. asked Joe.

6. Finish your chores or forget your allowance! his mother yelled.

7. I have too much homework and don’t have time to finish my chores! Lila responded.

8. I wish I knew who my teacher was going to be for next year. Erin said.

9. Do you realize how good those cookies smell? Mohammed remarked.

Migration to Australia

Migration –is the movement of people into an area or country from another one. Who has migrated to Australia and where did they come from?
Place locate countries on a map of the world showing where immigrants have migrated to Australia have come from.

Do you have family members in our immediate family who were born in another country?

Find out where people in the world have migrated to Australia from.
Make a list of where they have come from.
On a map of the world show where they have come from.
Website links you can use:

Top 40 Countries where I migrations to Australia have migrated from.

United Kingdom
New Zealand
South Africa
South Korea
Sri Lanka
Hong Kong
United States
Republic of Macedonia
Serbia and Montenegro
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Papua New Guinea





Homework Term 3 Week 7

We all use money almost everyday.
We know the values of the coins and notes we use but have you ever looked closely at what is on them.
Your homework for his week is to discover what is on each one. You may like to find out more about one of he people depicted on one of the notes.
This site might help you.
Congratulations to the following students who we chose as our outstanding homeworkers for this task.
Erin, Hamish, Tai, Isaac, Duncan, Pascal, Grace, Lila, Khalid, Rohan and Merri

Decimal Fractions

Here are some questions to make you think about decimal fractions:

How are decimal fractions written using decimal notation?

How are decimals and fractions related?

How can I model decimals fractions using the base-ten and place value system?

How can I write a decimal to represent a part of a group?

How does the metric system of measurement show decimals?

What are the benefits and drawbacks of each of these models?

What are the characteristics of a decimal fraction?

What is a decimal fraction and how can it be represented?

What role does the decimal point play in our base-ten system?

Today we are going to look to see if we can make any connections between fractions and decimals.

Taking a measuring tape 100cm long. Fold it in half. What can you tell me about what has happened? Now fold it in half again. What do you have now?


It’s a Book

Like you, I like reading books.
Have you ever really thought about what a book is?


What is a book?
A book is something that engages you to do stuff. A book is something that has writing that you can read. A book is something that is funny or has horror or facts.
A book is for sharing and some are precious. A book can be fiction or non-fiction. A book sometimes has images and writing or it can have only one of these things. A book is not for emailing, eating or flying or smashing onto the ground.
A book is imagining and visualising. A book can be used to learn new things and make your brain work.

What is a book?
A book is something that you read,Books are something to enjoy.
Crazy books, bad books and happy books.
There are two types of books. They are non- fiction and fiction. Non- fiction means that they have true facts in them. Fiction means that it is made up.
An author writes books. They put a lot of effort into the books that they write. They write books for us to enjoy. It takes a long time to write a book. I am an author. I write books that I publish into my iBook library.
A book is for sharing or you can just give it to someone. You can then talk about it with somebody else.

Newlands Kids are Great Kids

I’m not the only one who thinks this.
Read the letter David who visited us last week sent us.

Hi Sonya and the grade three/four class. I really enjoyed my visit last Thursday and I have learnt many new things from you all. I was really impressed with your iPad skills and with all the interesting activities that appear on your blog. I would love to try out so many things I saw with my own grade 5/6 class one day. I appreciated how friendly you are and how welcoming you are to visitors. It was great to see Sonya again and talk about how wonderful the Geelong Football Club is! Cheers David from Footscray West Primary.

What does 10 000 look like?

Today we explored with our group what ten thousand looks like?
What a challenge it is to actually visualise what 10 000 of something looks like.
Each group had something different to complete their task with.
Soup mix, counters, tiny teddies, balls and dried peas were used.
We thought of many different ways to tackle our task with our group.