Hi from England

I hope you have all had a fantastic holiday. I am having an amazing time. I have been to Ireland and Scotland and am now sitting on a train going from Manchester to London.be nice to Connie.


2 thoughts on “Hi from England

  1. Hi Sonya I did have a fantastic holiday I whent to castle main and moldon to do some mountin bike riding and dirt jump ridin. Plus I saw despicable me two. HOPE your having a great time in dublin/scotland.

  2. Thanks a lot Sonya I had a great holiday, it was my birthday and I got an iPad 4 from my mum and dad I sent this message on it. I hope to be using it at school by the time your back. By the way I like your pictures I’ve already sent you my opinion on where you took them. what’s your favourite place you’ve been?.

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