Using our iPads

How to use my iPad

At School
Enjoy using it to improve your learning.
Explore how to use apps given to you.
Use the blog to find tasks to complete.
Don’t download apps without permission.
Know where it is at all times and take care when moving it from one space to another.
Be Cybersmart and follow the student agreement for use.
Put it on charge at the end of the day.
Be a smart user and take a ‘few risks’ with your work.
Follow instructions on what is expected of you when using it.
Only use school apps at school unless told otherwise.
Ask permission before taking videos or photos of others.

At Home
Don’t download apps without permission.
Never give your personal details to anyone.
Always have it in a closed bag when taking it to and from school.
If you go to after care give it to Anne or Caitlyn when you get there.
Take good care of the iPad. Keep it in a safe place.
Always share the work you have completed at school with your parents.
Visit the blog to find your homework.
Be Cybersmart.
Bring it to school fully charged.
Ask permission to take photos of someone.
Ask your parents permission to use your iPad to do things that are not school related.
Use your reading diary.

# Prepared by the Newlands Techknows in Grade 3/4



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