Your Holiday

Where would you like to go on a holiday, who would you like to go with and how long are you going to go for? You might like to go to Egypt with your grandmother, Queensland with your family, Sydney or even somewhere like Paris with your friends. Imagine you have $10 000 to spend. How will you spend it. Flights, petrol expenses, accommdation, sightseeing, food and spending money need to be included in your final costings. Please see me if you need to have more money, with your reasons for needing it. Some useful websites to help you are: for accommodation Webjet for flights Tripadvisor Vroom Vroom for car hire Please let us all know if you find any other useful sites. Use your thinking book to do your planning. When you have worked out where you are going and how much it is going to cost you present your information on Educreations or in a Popplet. You have one week to complete your itinerary and costings. You will be given time at school during Maths lessons to do this but can do more at home if you would like. Let us know on the blog where you plan to go.    

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