Zoo recounts

Excursion to Melbourne zoo. On Monday the 27h of May the whole school went to the Melbourne zoo.

We saw all different animals like peccaries,giraffes,loins,tigers,snow leopards and many more animals. The first place we visited was the peccaries they just look like pigs but darker from the body. Then we went to have a snack then the grade 4to 6’s went to zoo school. We learnt how mobile phones are connected to gorillas for them to be endangered. Since we were all listening well we got to pat the iguana.

Then we went to see the gorillas and learnt these 5 things : c is for climate change, h is for habitat loss, I is for introduced species, p is for pollution and the other p is for poaching. Then we had a snack and went back to school I had a magnificent day at the Melbourne zoo. My favourite animal were the meerkats . Khalid


Excursion to the Melbourne Zoo
On Monday 27th of May,we went on an excursion to the Melbourne Zoo.
When we went to the Zoo school,we had groups.My group got old mobile phones.We were allowed to take it apart,only if we put it back together.We also got to touch a snake. Outside the zoo school,there was an enclosure.It had three little monkeys in it.They were so cute!
After that,we went to the meerkats enclosure.They were funny! One of them was standing on top of a high stump, looking around.Another one was trying to hug another one. After that we went to the seals enclosure.They were excellent swimmers.
Then we saw fish.There were ones with long tails,there were stripy ones,and sea horses.One of the sea horses were tiny. We came to the top of the seals enclosure.Sometimes we saw the seal’s head pop up at the top of the water.Then it went back down again.
After that we went on the bus back to school.I was tired.I fell asleep on the bus.Then we went home.I went to bed late.I watched a movie.Then I complained to mum about going not going to bed early.


Zoo Excursion

On Monday the 27th of May, Newlands Primary School went on an Excursion on the bus to Melbourne zoo.

Firstly we had a snack. I ate half of mysandwich. Then we walked down a hill to the Pecories they were cute and looked a bit like pigs. Two were sleeping one was peeing and three ran off so we couldn’t see them. I thought they were shy.

Secondly we went to a cage but nothing was in it. So we walked to the reptile house we saw three different types of crocodile,some fish,lots of snakes and some lizards. It was Dark inside the reptile house. I thought it meant the reptiles like the dark.

Thirdly we saw the platypus. There were two platypus. It was also dark in there. Before you walk in there is a sine saying SHHHHHH it is there to make the platypus feel safe.

Fourthly we went to the giraffes. There were three giraffes. There was no roof because they have long necks. One giraffe was eating the other two were just walking around I saw one of the giraffes blue toungs.

Fifthly we saw the elephants there were two baby’s and one adult with big tusks next to the elephants there is a little house wich you look out to see the elephants it had wooden elephants and lots of elephant things.

Sixthly we saw squirrel monkeys they were so so so cute. Then we went to the zoo school at the zoo school we learnt the worst causes of animals becoming endangered with the word CHIPP: c stands for climet change, H stands for habitat loss, I stands for introduced spicies P stands for pollution and P stands for poaching. We also saw gorillas made a story and touched a snake.

Seventhly we went to the butterfly house NO butterflies landed on me thoug. After that we had lunch YUM YUM.

Eighthly we went to go wild there were meerkats and a giant tortoise. Then we went to the Chinese garden after that we saw two snow lepards one leopard and a few lemurs. After that we saw one red pander.

In the end we went home on the bus safely. The Excursion was so much fun. I really hope we can go again. Merri


My Zoo Recount

My class and I went the to the Melbourne zoo on Monday 27th May by bus. Firstly we went to have a snack. Our teacher was Connie. She’s very nice. Then we went to see the peccaries. After that we saw the meerkats I liked the one that kept on trying to get to me. We also went into the reptile room I was not scared at all.
After that we went to see the seals, they looked a bit like missiles. I had a great day at the zoo. Rohan
On Monday the 27 of May 2013 Newlands primary school went by bus to the Melbourne zoo. When we got to the zoo we spilt in to groups the groups were grade prep, grade
1/2 G, grade 1/2 M, grade 3/4 and grade 5/6. I was in grade 3/4 because I am a grade 4.
Next we had a snack in a eating pavilion it was called picnic pavilion 1/3 because it had three parts. We also went to see some animals like the peccaries,the baboons, the meerkats, the reptiles, the giant tortoise and many more. Next we went to see the seals it was really cold in there and the floor felt weird it was AUSOME the seals were doing flips and other cool tricks. After all that we had lunch
Next the grade 4’s had to go to the zoo school with the grade 5/6s. We learnt why gorillas were endangered with Hillary we made a story of a gorillas life and why it was endangered. Then we went to visit the gorillas.
After that we went to the butterfly house altogether eighteen butterfly’s landed on me. On the way to the elephants we saw seven peacocks on the roof of the elephant barn but the elephants weren’t in the barn so we went to the elephant gate we saw the elephants so we went ahead to see if they were there they were and the zoo keepers were about to play a game with the elephants the zookeepers were hiding watermelons around the enclosure and the elephants had to find them. When the rope that was holding them back fell they charged and had soon found most of them but the baby elephant hadn’t got any of them. Next it was time to go.
When I got back to school it was time to go, when I got home I went to bed. Duncan
On the 27/5 Newlands Primary school went on the bus to the Melbourne zoo. When grade 3/4 arrived at the zoo we had a snack, we were tired from the long trip.
After the snack we walked to the cage of the peccaries they looked similar to pigs.Then we went to the reptile house and I found a lovely feather outside. After that we went to the platypus it was very dark and then we went to the giraffes.Next we went and waited for the lady who was taking us to the zoo school while we waited we looked at the Squirrel monkeys they were so so cute.
the zoo school teacher came and we talked about gorillas and this thing to do with endangered animals called CHIPP,c stands for climate change,h stands for habitat loss, I stands for invasive species, p stands for pollution and p stands for poaching. Ruby
Our Day at the Zoo
On Monday we went to the zoo with the whole school on the bus. First we had a snack next Wto the peccaries .duncan took lots of photos. After that we went to the reptile house. I saw a snake with its skin shreded next to it. I liked the Russell’s viper the most. Then we had a look at the giant tourteses. When we were the tourteses there was a speech about them.
After that we saw the platypuses Oscar took lots of photos when it said no photos. I thought the platypus was mixture of a duck and a beaver. Next we went to the aquarium section. First we saw the pelicans and the port Jackson sharks. Followed by that we saw the parrotfish the sea horses and the seals on down floor and and top.
Then we saw the amazing small cats I liked the bob cat. a lot of people liked the coaties . Then we went to the zoo school and learnt about gorillas and pated a snake. After that we had a snack . Then we saw the tigers on the way to the butterfly house. When we got to the butterfly house I got to take lots of photos. The butterfly’s liked me and ollie because we had yellow T-shirts. I had a fantastic time and I a can’t wait to go again. Ornette
Zoo Recount
On Monday 27th of May we travelled to the Melbourne by bus zoo when we got there we entered by the back gate instead of the main gate first we headed for the picnic pavilions one to three everyone got handed a map we sat down and had a snack.
Then we headed for the peccaries enclosure from a distance they looked like rocks but when you were closer you could tell. After that we moved to the water recycling plant. Hamish and I thought we saw a animal in the long grass.
Then we walked past the past the baboons enclosure but I didn’t see them. I wondered where they where. We then moved onto the reptile room inside there were snakes, lizards, fish, turtles and tortoise. Jayden and I spotted a massive snake skin from a brown, fat and long snake my favourite was a yellow and black snake that had its face right up to the glass.
We looked at the giant tortoise after the reptile room there were only two of them they were a lot bigger than I had expected also there was a zoo keeper telling some information about how long they can live and some other interesting facts. After that we looked at the meerkats I thought they were pretty boring although people managed to get great photos of them.
After looking at the meerkats we moved onto the platypus they looked really weird. Then we looked at the pelicans that was really really boring we moved on very quickly then we looked in this big glass enclosure filled with water it had a fiddler ray, port jack sons, flat head and other fish I didn’t know. Also inside this building there was a inside view of the seal inclosure the seals were doing doing a lot of cool tricks. Also if you walked up the stairs there were fish and sea horses I liked this black and white fish I only got a glimpse of the sea horses. Then we saw an animals enclosure from the top of the seal enclosure. It was really annoying how we had to walk all around to see it the animals.
We walked back to the picnic pavilion some people didn’t get lunch because the grade 4 had to quickly hurry to zoo school in zoo school we learned how mobile phones are affecting gorillas and we pieced a story together we had a card and a object and had to guess if our part went at the beginning, middle or end. Then we went to the gorilla inclosure and talked about the word CHIPP. C stands for climate change, h habitat loss, I for introduced spices p for poaching and the other p for pollution.
Then we looked at the tigers we only got a small glimpse of it because it was behind a clump of bamboo then we hurried to the seal enclosure again because the grade 5/6 hadn’t seen them. We ran to the butterfly house no butterflies landed on me.
We rushed to the Asian elephant inclosure the zoo keepers made a game of hide and seek they hid the hay and watermelons when Hamish and I turned around the grade had gone soon we caught up withe the grade.
Then we hopped onto the bus when we got back to school I was exhausted my favourite animals were the seals and giant tortoise. I hope we can go again. Aidan

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