How many days old are you?

Today we had to find out how many days old we are. Sonya didn’t tell us how to find the answer. We had to work that out ourselves. Some of us did a Google search. We found a website that worked the answer out for us. It also told us how many months,weeks, days,hours, minutes and seconds old we are. How old are you? Ornette is 3329 days old. Aidan is 3603 days old. Duncan is 3628 days old. Merri is 3097 days old. Tilly is 3271 days old. Lila is 3108 days old. Erin is 3109 days old. Nicholas is 3098 days old. Nandita is 3089 days old. Georgia is 3043 days old. Jason is 3314 days old. Ollie is 3098 days old. Khalid is 3773 days old. Tom is 3157 days old. Sam is 3355 days old. Oscar is 3500 days old. Jayden is 3894 days old. Marcus is 3455 days old. Rohan is 2992 days old. Ruby is 3123 days old. Hamish is 3445 days old. Mohammed is 3587 days old. Joe is 3276 days old. Sonya – a lady never tells her age, but you can guess if you’d like.


5 thoughts on “How many days old are you?

  1. hi sonya,sorry I didn’t come to school on Friday,althouth I found out how old I was.I am 2968 days,8 years,6 weeks and 4 days old.I estimate you are 53 years old or 18,868 days old.

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