Our fantastic FInd And Think questions for Passion Projects

These are our some of our questions.

If you can help us answer them please leave a comment.

Nicholas: What is the history of wine?

Merri: Why is the Great Barrier Reef so important to us?

Khalid: Who invented basketball and why did they invent it?

Aidan: What animals live in Antartica?

Lila: What is the history of London?

Isaac: What was it like for my family on the First Fleet to Australia?

Cydnii: What is the history of Paris?

Hamish: What is the Great Barrier Reef?

Nandita: How did the Ancient Egyptians live?

Duncan: What animals live in the Pacific Ocean?

Ruby: What did zoos look like 100 years ago?

Ornette: Who was Steve Irwin?

Grace: What is the history of Melbourne?

Pascal: What is sap?




Granparents Day 2013

Grandparents are very special people. Today we had visits from a large number of grandparents and special friends who were in a position to visit us. Many of the children bought along photos of their grandparents to share with us. Well done to both Mohammed and Nicholas who used technology in very clever ways to ensure that we saw what their grandparents look like. It is amazing what you can do if you are ‘THINKERS’.

We found out that school was very different to what it is today when our grandparents were young. They had very big grades, wrote with ink pens, had bottled milk every day, played different games at playtime and called their teachers by their surnames.

We also found out that school was the same in many ways. Everyone loved to read, playgames and have fun.