Passion Projects

This is a 6 week project about something that you are passionate about You will have an opportunity to share your PROJECT when it is completed with the school community. Take pride in what you do and make it the best work you have ever done your BIG question Choose what you want to learn about. You have one week to prepare your question and inquiry paragraph. Discuss what you are going to do with your patents It is to be signed by Tanya or Sonya next week. Weekly planner • Each week you are to fill in the planner provided to show what you have done during your given class time. You will need to have your work seen and the plan signed by ateacher each week. When you have completed all your research you can begin presenting the information you find. Choose carefully!!!!! We are not after pretty pictures but information that teaches us all about what you are passionate about. Assessment Rubric Use this as a guide, it clearly sets out what you are expected to do for your project.