FUSE is a repository for students to access great learning resources, including websites, images, audio and videos, at school and at home.

Whilst at school, the network the students access the web through has filters attached.

We recommend that students ‘surfing’ the net at home use the FUSE website becasue it has the same filters used at school. There are also some fun things to explore.



You will be required to continue reading the novel you have chosen from the library. It is expected that you read every night at home and at school. You will need to bring along your book each day to school. You may read the book over a two week period.

We visit the library every Friday to change books.

Keep a record of what you are reading in the diary on your iPad.

On Friday you will be required to create a video of your thoughts about what you have read. This report should also include your recommendations on who should read the book and why.


Week 4 term 2

We are all working well with the iPads. Everyone has done a fantastic job using them as a recource to locate and share information.

This week we will be completing research on an endnanged animal. Students will complete a written report on their chosen animal by answering questions given. They will then use the information they have collated to prepare a presentation using Educreations to share with their classmates and the Grade 1/2 studnets.

Tell us which animal you studied and what you found out.