Who do you respect?

I respect my mum because she is caring, helpful and hardworking. She always helps me with my homework. I respect my mum becasue she always gives me kisses and cuddles at bedtime. I respect her becasue she alwuys takes good care of me. Isaac

I respect my dad because he is very nice, generous and considerate. Whenever I need him he always helps me. My dad talks to me if I need his help about something. If I get stuff wrong he doesn’t laugh at me. If I feel sad he helps me or if I feel sick he looks after me. Ollie

I respect my mum because she is kind to me , she loves me a lot and respects me. My mum is a hard working person and does everything for me so she deserves my respect. My is really nice to me and does the cooking for the whole family. My mum reads books to me and helps me when I need it. My mum loves me and I love her. We are family and family and we respect each other. Lila

I respect my dad beacuse he is very nice, hard working, kind, honest, awesome and very smart. He reads me stories, he never tells lies, he loves me and is very friendly. Rohan

I respect my friends. I respect my friends beacuse they all respect me and help me when I need it. They are honest, hard working, kind, caring, beautiful and cool. They’re awesome, gorgeous, lovely, responsible and great. Ruby is respectful and kind. Erin is sensible and fun and Grace, Nandita, Tilly, Cydnii and Lila are friendly. Merri

I respect my mum beacuse she is loving and caring. She is also funny and thoughtful. She always asks me how my day was and how I did at school. She always helps me with my homework. She tells me lots of stories that she makes up about me. Tilly

I respect Sonya becasue she tries to teach me stuff that I might not know. She respects me so I respect her. She is kind, thoughtful, honest and caring. She does not yell at me. She provides us with fun and interesting activities for us to do. Grace

I respect my mum. I respect her beacuse she is my parent, she is in my family, she does nice things for me, she helps me with my homework when I am stuck, she lets play the WII nearly every week and she takes me on nice holidays each year. An example, last year for my birthday she took my whole family to Sydney and let me see a Dr. Who session at the Opera House. Hamish

I respect my friends because they are really nice. When I’m down and sad they make me feel happy. I have never had that many firends that who have been so nice to me as the ones at Newlands. They always make me stuff. They always wait for me outside. If I need help they help me. My friends rock. Cydnii

I respect my dad beacuse he is hard working, kind, helpful, honest and a grateful person. He tells me jokes, he always sure I am alright and he give me great cuddles. Ruby