Smart Goals

This week we will be developing your SMART Goals.

We will be using SMART goals to help you achieve what you want to achieve. Smart goals are:

Specific- e.g. “I want to be able to summarise what I read in my own words is better than a general goal such as “I want to be better at reading.

Meaningful and Measurable- you must really want to achieve the goal. You will find it harder to work for a goal that someone else has chosen for you. You must see your own meaning in it.

Action based and Achievable- You need to select goals that you can do something about yourself. They must be actions you can take.

Realistic and Relevant- Select goals where there is a realistic chance that you can get what you want.

Time defined- Make sure you have an approximate plan for when you will achieve each stage of your goal. The times won’t always be exact for you but you will have something to work within