Goal Setting Term 1 2013

It is always good to know what you want to learn or do. Each term I plan my goals for the term on what I want you to learn. You are to have 5 goals.

This year I want you to have your own goals also. They should be all about different areas of learning. Do you want to learn to summarise what you read? Do you want to use paragraphs more in your writing? Do you want to learn what apps you can use to share your thoughts and findings? Do you want to better organised at school?

Discuss this with your parents and get their ideas also.

On Monday have a brief outline of your goals prepared and bring them to school in your black folder.

We continue to do work on them at school and I will be able to you then.

10 thoughts on “Goal Setting Term 1 2013

  1. here are my goals for the year
    .imporving on the ipad
    .getting better at my times tables
    .improving my hand writing
    .getting better at punctuation
    .improving on the computer

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