1-1 iPad program

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‘It’s one of the most compelling school-change interventions we have seen in decades, but it isn’t about 1-to-1 devices – it’s about what students do when they have full-time access to powerful tools, the same tools found in offices and on the desks of professionals in all fields.’ … and yes, above all there is growing evidence that 1-to-1 programs offer teachers a unique pedagogical medium for enhancing learning within their classrooms. Though much harder to articulate or define than the previous drivers, this is potentially the most powerful. In mathematics in can be a bridge from the concrete to the abstract, particularly through the use of simulations; it can scaffold learning such that complex ideas are made more accessible, it can offer students a medium for communication and collaboration that had previously not been thought possible. The goal of technology is not just to enable access to information, but tocollaborate with others in creating something new and useful.

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