Goal Setting Term 1 2013

It is always good to know what you want to learn or do. Each term I plan my goals for the term on what I want you to learn. You are to have 5 goals.

This year I want you to have your own goals also. They should be all about different areas of learning. Do you want to learn to summarise what you read? Do you want to use paragraphs more in your writing? Do you want to learn what apps you can use to share your thoughts and findings? Do you want to better organised at school?

Discuss this with your parents and get their ideas also.

On Monday have a brief outline of your goals prepared and bring them to school in your black folder.

We continue to do work on them at school and I will be able to you then.

Welcome Back

Welcome back everyone. I hope you all had a fantastic holiday. I am really looking forward to 2013 and have many and exciting things planned for us to do. I am really looking forward to helping you learn new things and exploring the world around us. It will be fantastic to use the technology we will have in the classroom and I hope you enjoy visiting our class blog. Do you have any ideas on how we will use it? It is our blog and we can customize it to be anything we want it to be.

Would you like to have your own school blog? How would you like to use it? I have many ideas but would like to hear what your thoughts are.


The 13 Storey Tree House

The first shared text we will be reading in 2013 is:

Who wouldn’t want to live in a treehouse? Especially a 13 storey treehouse that has:

a bowling alley, a see-through swimming pool, a tank full of sharks, a library of comics,self-making beds and much more. What would you have in your treehouse?

1-1 iPad program

You may find the following interesting:

‘It’s one of the most compelling school-change interventions we have seen in decades, but it isn’t about 1-to-1 devices – it’s about what students do when they have full-time access to powerful tools, the same tools found in offices and on the desks of professionals in all fields.’ … and yes, above all there is growing evidence that 1-to-1 programs offer teachers a unique pedagogical medium for enhancing learning within their classrooms. Though much harder to articulate or define than the previous drivers, this is potentially the most powerful. In mathematics in can be a bridge from the concrete to the abstract, particularly through the use of simulations; it can scaffold learning such that complex ideas are made more accessible, it can offer students a medium for communication and collaboration that had previously not been thought possible. The goal of technology is not just to enable access to information, but tocollaborate with others in creating something new and useful.

Source of quote: